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02.09.2011, 12:36
Russian, U.S. scientists set to study methane release in Arctic

Russian, U.S. scientists set to study methane release in Arctic A group of Russian and U.S. scientists will leave the port of Vladivostok on Friday on board a Russian research ship to study methane emissions in the eastern part of the Arctic.

"This expedition was organized on a short notice by the Russian Fund of Fundamental Research and the U.S. National Science Foundation following the discovery of a dramatic increase in the leakage of methane gas from the seabed in the eastern part of the Arctic, said Professor Igor Semiletov, the head of the expedition.

The group consists of 27 scientists who would attempt to measure the scale of methane emissions and clarify the nature of the process.

The 45-day expedition will focus on the sea shelf of the Laptev Sea, the East Siberian Sea and the Russian part of the Chukotsk Sea, where 90% of underwater permafrost is located.

"We assume that the leakage of methane results from the degradation of underwater permafrost...A massive release of such a powerful greenhouse gas may accelerate global warming," Semiletov said.

Methane is about 20 times more potent than CO2 in trapping solar heat.

Professor Semiletov has been studying methane seepage in the region for the last 15 years, and leads the International Siberian Shelf Study (ISSS), which has launched a number of expeditions to the Arctic Ocean.

"The studies are reaching a more serious level. Many Russian and U.S. universities have joined the [ISSS] program bringing in the most advanced equipment which will allow us to study the structure of underwater permafrost with more precision," Semiletov said.

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Windows 10 launched the cat in the dinosaurWindows 10 launched the cat in the dinosaur
[28.07.2015 15:51]
Microsoft has launched an official website dedicated to the release of Windows 10. The day before the planned global release of the latest operating system it predstavili using the cat that rides on the back of a dinosaur.

Microsoft announced system requirements for Windows 10Microsoft announced system requirements for Windows 10
[23.07.2015 14:49]
Firm Microsoft for 7 days before the official start of sales of Windows 10 has revealed the minimum system requirements for all devices on which you can install a new operating system.

Because the "Teacher" in Russia will block YouTubeBecause the "Teacher" in Russia will block YouTube
[22.07.2015 16:50]
Roskomnadzor plans to restrict access to the most fashionable in the world YouTube. This will happen on July 27. Cause - failure of service of the copyright of the TV channel "TNT" on the TV series "the Teacher" and "Chernobyl".

Announced release date of Apple Watch sales in RussiaAnnounced release date of Apple Watch sales in Russia
[21.07.2015 10:36]
Announced the official start date of Apple Watch sales in Russia. Welcome famous watch brand can be purchased in Moscow shopping centers July 31 at 7:01 Moscow time. Their cost will start from 24 thousand rubles.

New Samsung tablet similar to iPadNew Samsung tablet similar to iPad
[20.07.2015 15:24]
The South Korean company Samsung introduced a new flagship tablet - the Galaxy Tab S2. The fixtures will appear in the implementation with a display diagonal of 9.7 and 8 inches, and the apparatus was similar to the tablets from Apple, setting in all of this the world record for the thickness of the shell.

Apple released the iPod touch with a selfie cameraApple released the iPod touch with a selfie camera
[16.07.2015 14:23]
Apple has introduced the newest model of its own line of music players iPod touch. Apple has made the product more versatile, has acquired a special camera for selfie and the possibility of video stabilization. In Russia the latest "iPod" will cost 15 thousand rubles.

Samsung has introduced the thinnest smartphoneSamsung has introduced the thinnest smartphone
[15.07.2015 15:53]
Korean firm Samsung has introduced in China phone Galaxy A8. The new product has a huge screen and a narrow body. Its thickness is only 5.9 mm.

In Russia there was a service search second wifeIn Russia there was a service search second wife
[13.07.2015 15:58]
In Russia start Dating service "My Diaspora" with the search function 2nd wife. According to the creators, this app is gaining popularity among Dagestanis, Armenians, Chechens and Tatars. The web site has registered more than 10 million people, and 1.5 thousand decided to use search partner.

Russia showed the best suit in the worldRussia showed the best suit in the world
[09.07.2015 12:58]
Experts the group Technodynamical" in the state Corporation "rostec", presented at the exhibition "INNOPROM-2015" in Ekaterinburg updated suit for spacewalks. It is built in the so-called climate control that has no analogues in the world.

Announced a new release of the Hitman gamesAnnounced a new release of the Hitman games
[16.06.2015 14:52]
Company IO Interactive will enrich the cycle stealth-action game Hitman the assassin codenamed Agent 47 new release that will be available from December 8 for the PC, PS4 and Xbox One. Description of a new product appeared on the official Hitman website.

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