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02.09.2011, 12:36
Russian, U.S. scientists set to study methane release in Arctic

Russian, U.S. scientists set to study methane release in Arctic A group of Russian and U.S. scientists will leave the port of Vladivostok on Friday on board a Russian research ship to study methane emissions in the eastern part of the Arctic.

"This expedition was organized on a short notice by the Russian Fund of Fundamental Research and the U.S. National Science Foundation following the discovery of a dramatic increase in the leakage of methane gas from the seabed in the eastern part of the Arctic, said Professor Igor Semiletov, the head of the expedition.

The group consists of 27 scientists who would attempt to measure the scale of methane emissions and clarify the nature of the process.

The 45-day expedition will focus on the sea shelf of the Laptev Sea, the East Siberian Sea and the Russian part of the Chukotsk Sea, where 90% of underwater permafrost is located.

"We assume that the leakage of methane results from the degradation of underwater permafrost...A massive release of such a powerful greenhouse gas may accelerate global warming," Semiletov said.

Methane is about 20 times more potent than CO2 in trapping solar heat.

Professor Semiletov has been studying methane seepage in the region for the last 15 years, and leads the International Siberian Shelf Study (ISSS), which has launched a number of expeditions to the Arctic Ocean.

"The studies are reaching a more serious level. Many Russian and U.S. universities have joined the [ISSS] program bringing in the most advanced equipment which will allow us to study the structure of underwater permafrost with more precision," Semiletov said.

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Mortal Kombat introduced paid fatality (video)Mortal Kombat introduced paid fatality (video)
[16.04.2015 09:49]
Players around the world would still welcome welcome to the release of a new part of the famous fighting game Mortal Kombat on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

Twitter get rich from Google acquisitionsTwitter get rich from Google acquisitions
[10.04.2015 15:58]
Capitalization of Twitter increased by $ 1.5 billion after appearing in the American press rumours that the firm possessing the social network for public exchange of short news, may purchase Google. The transaction price is estimated at $ 50 billion.

Went gold iPhone to the 70th anniversary of Victory (photos, video)Went gold iPhone to the 70th anniversary of Victory (photos, video)
[31.03.2015 15:58]
Jewelry brand Caviar presented new exclusive phones, dedicated to the 70th anniversary of Victory in great Patriotic War. Limited edition first presented not only in iOS, but on Android. The circulation of each modification has a total of 70 units.

The release of iOS 8.2 turned to Apple scandalThe release of iOS 8.2 turned to Apple scandal
[10.03.2015 12:57]
Apple has released the latest version of the iOS operating system under 8.2. It became available for download to all users after a few hours after demonstration of smart watches.

Announced Rock Band 4Announced Rock Band 4
[06.03.2015 16:21]
Studio Harmonix stated that the study is the 4th part of the musical Rock Band simulator. The game preparing for the Xbox One and PS4. Inform the portal Eurogamer. The creators promise to release a fresh release before the end of 2015.

Appeared in Russia the Orthodox search engineAppeared in Russia the Orthodox search engine
[04.03.2015 13:20]
The famous Russian Director and producer Yury Grymov announced the launch of the first search engine and information base on Orthodoxy. Subsequently the scope of the project should be Orthodox social network, radio and even TV.

The laws of the United States has made smartphones vulnerableThe laws of the United States has made smartphones vulnerable
[04.03.2015 11:48]
Experts in the field of information security found another critical vulnerability in software operating systems for smartphones from companies Apple and Google. Millions of devices that people use in the world was in danger.

Samsung has named the date of start of sales S6 Edge in RussiaSamsung has named the date of start of sales S6 Edge in Russia
[02.03.2015 12:38]
The company Samsung has introduced a new flagship phone Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge at the Unpacked event in 2015. Model S6 Edge has a screen that curves around the edges. In the implementation in Russia of these devices will be available on April 16, as specified" in the public relations division, Samsung.

Microsoft showed the world without smartphones (video)Microsoft showed the world without smartphones (video)
[27.02.2015 11:47]
The firm has published a video in which he speculated how the world will look like in 5-10 years. Inhabitants of our planet will be surrounded touch screens, tablets will be flexible and the phones will replace the bracelets.

Mobile Windows 10 bypassed Android 5.0Mobile Windows 10 bypassed Android 5.0
[25.02.2015 10:35]
Operating system Windows 10 long before their official release managed to bypass Android 5.0. Preparatory Assembly OSes already installed 0.2% smartphone, at the time, as Android for 2 months could not take more than 0.1% of devices.

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