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02.09.2011, 12:36
Russian, U.S. scientists set to study methane release in Arctic

Russian, U.S. scientists set to study methane release in Arctic A group of Russian and U.S. scientists will leave the port of Vladivostok on Friday on board a Russian research ship to study methane emissions in the eastern part of the Arctic.

"This expedition was organized on a short notice by the Russian Fund of Fundamental Research and the U.S. National Science Foundation following the discovery of a dramatic increase in the leakage of methane gas from the seabed in the eastern part of the Arctic, said Professor Igor Semiletov, the head of the expedition.

The group consists of 27 scientists who would attempt to measure the scale of methane emissions and clarify the nature of the process.

The 45-day expedition will focus on the sea shelf of the Laptev Sea, the East Siberian Sea and the Russian part of the Chukotsk Sea, where 90% of underwater permafrost is located.

"We assume that the leakage of methane results from the degradation of underwater permafrost...A massive release of such a powerful greenhouse gas may accelerate global warming," Semiletov said.

Methane is about 20 times more potent than CO2 in trapping solar heat.

Professor Semiletov has been studying methane seepage in the region for the last 15 years, and leads the International Siberian Shelf Study (ISSS), which has launched a number of expeditions to the Arctic Ocean.

"The studies are reaching a more serious level. Many Russian and U.S. universities have joined the [ISSS] program bringing in the most advanced equipment which will allow us to study the structure of underwater permafrost with more precision," Semiletov said.

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Heroes of might and Magic III" came out on iPadHeroes of might and Magic III" came out on iPad
[29.01.2015 15:22]
In the shopping centre App Store was noticed by the famous turn-based strategy in HD format, re-released for tablets. The game weighs 1,12 GB and retails for 599 rubles.

Android has received a final OfficeAndroid has received a final Office
[29.01.2015 14:51]
Microsoft has released the final version of their office applications for the Android operating system. All office applications royalty-free, although we strongly ask the Microsoft account and contain the design of commercial Office 365 subscription.

YouTube refused to FlashYouTube refused to Flash
[28.01.2015 16:23]
Well-known video hosting renounced technology due to which it emerged into the light. Now the most used browser YouTube default includes support for HTML5.

Announced date of supply Apple WatchAnnounced date of supply Apple Watch
[28.01.2015 10:49]
The CEO of Apple Tim cook in its own report called the date of commencement of supply of smart watches Apple Watch. Also, announced their approximate price and options of accessories that will be available in shopping malls.

Facebook and Instagram are completely disconnectedFacebook and Instagram are completely disconnected
[27.01.2015 10:50]
The largest social network and photo-service ceased to work on smartphones and computers. The website refuses to open, and with third-party pages disappear keys "share on facebook".

NASA will study Mars in glasses MicrosoftNASA will study Mars in glasses Microsoft
[23.01.2015 14:49]
American space office, NASA wants to use the device, created by Microsoft with the goal of Mars exploration. Using augmented reality glasses HoloLens scientists hope to visit the red planet, without leaving their own laboratories.

Twitter declared war on InstagramTwitter declared war on Instagram
[23.01.2015 14:22]
The microblogging service Twitter has sent his own most famous users of the message with a wish not to publish photos from Instagram. Instead, it is recommended to upload photos to Twitter itself, and not to give them hyperlinks.

Apple Watch "live" 4 hoursApple Watch "live" 4 hours
[23.01.2015 13:25]
Smart watch Apple Watch "live" on a single battery charge only 4 hours, which is not enough even for 1 day of use. Media reported that in consequence of a very strong processor, the battery will not be able for a long time to hold a charge.

WhatsApp left iPhone without web chatWhatsApp left iPhone without web chat
[22.01.2015 12:49]
The authors of the popular Internet messenger WhatsApp announced the release of version chat for PC. But they can't use just the iPhone.

Microsoft invented the holographic world (video)Microsoft invented the holographic world (video)
[22.01.2015 09:44]
During the presentation Windows 10 company struck to the same demonstration of the latest holographic glasses. HoloLens Microsoft is transparent glasses, in which the image of the room are superimposed different interfaces and video.

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