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Russia showed the best suit in the worldRussia showed the best suit in the world
[09.07.2015 12:58]
Experts the group Technodynamical" in the state Corporation "rostec", presented at the exhibition "INNOPROM-2015" in Ekaterinburg updated suit for spacewalks. It is built in the so-called climate control that has no analogues in the world.

Announced a new release of the Hitman gamesAnnounced a new release of the Hitman games
[16.06.2015 14:52]
Company IO Interactive will enrich the cycle stealth-action game Hitman the assassin codenamed Agent 47 new release that will be available from December 8 for the PC, PS4 and Xbox One. Description of a new product appeared on the official Hitman website.

Final Fantasy VII completely redraw it for PS4 (video)Final Fantasy VII completely redraw it for PS4 (video)
[16.06.2015 11:22]
The company Square Enix announced a remake of the traditional role-playing game Final Fantasy VII. Video from the upcoming new products demonstrated at the press conference, Sony, dedicated to industrial E3 and aired on the network on June 16.

Samsung announces high-impact Galaxy S6Samsung announces high-impact Galaxy S6
[09.06.2015 14:48]
The company Samsung has officially unveiled the Galaxy S6 Active. The device will go on sale in Russia Day - June 12. Galaxy S6 Active is working under control of OS Android 5.0.2 Lollipop, and its price will start from $ 199.

Skype can be broken with a single messageSkype can be broken with a single message
[04.06.2015 13:50]
In the latest version of the famous software for video calling Skype found error, allowing using the 1st news to stop the visitor to the recipient. However, the vulnerability of "kills" and the client is the sender of the news.

Disclosed details of Fallout 4 (video)Disclosed details of Fallout 4 (video)
[04.06.2015 12:34]
Company Bethesda has announced the release of the famous game Fallout 4. Appeared 1 screenshot and cover of the famous series of role-playing, and even the official website is a post-apocalyptic Saga.

On the iPhone appeared a Star of David (photo)On the iPhone appeared a Star of David (photo)
[02.06.2015 16:22]
Jewelry brand Caviar has released another unique iPhone from the Credo ("creed"). This valuable phone time devoted to Judaism. The price of this phone is 157 thousand rubles..

In the Moscow metro showed pornIn the Moscow metro showed porn
[28.05.2015 14:23]
Hackers broke into gratuitous Wi-Fi network of the Moscow metro. As a result, thousands of passengers have seen pornography on the screens of personal telephones and tablets instead of regular start page and invitations to join the network.

Talking robots will replace sellers in MoscowTalking robots will replace sellers in Moscow
[19.05.2015 15:48]
In multifunctional Metropolitan centers, trade halls, as well as clinics and other social facilities in the foreseeable future to replace the people will come the robots. Talking machines will meet visitors, to identify and report the necessary information.

The pirates managed to crack the PlayStation 4The pirates managed to crack the PlayStation 4
[15.05.2015 15:49]
Hackers have started to make money on the hacks console latest model. The pirates found a flaw in the protection of the PlayStation 4 and now download not licensed version of the game projects for cash.

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