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Internet Google called science fictionInternet Google called science fiction
[17.02.2015 14:22]
Global budget satellite online companies such as Tesla, Google, and Facebook dubbed incredible. Such projects are urged technologies that do not even exist.

Watch for business equipped with AndroidWatch for business equipped with Android
[16.02.2015 11:35]
LG introduced a new smart watch Urbane, running on the Android operating system Wear. Their body is made of alloy and leather strap, which makes them similar supposedly on watch luxury than on wearable electronics.

Error Facebook removes photo usersError Facebook removes photo users
[13.02.2015 16:22]
Indian software developer Laxman of Mute noticed in Facebook gaffe. It allows anyone to fix photo by unauthorized users even without specialized hacking skills.

The onscreen keyboard of the iPad became palpable (video)The onscreen keyboard of the iPad became palpable (video)
[13.02.2015 13:47]
Available for pre-order a specialized case to the iPad, which makes the virtual keyboard iPad tangible. Right on the plane of the screen buttons appear transparent bubbles, with which it is possible to type on the touch keyboard even blindly.

Windows 10 came on the Lumia smartphones (video)Windows 10 came on the Lumia smartphones (video)
[13.02.2015 11:36]
Publicly fresh version of the operating system became available for the owners of Lumia series phones. Windows are available in English for almost all Lumia, not counting the top.

Android and iOS will get the Russian browserAndroid and iOS will get the Russian browser
[12.02.2015 15:20]
Russian search engine "Satellite" will launch on Android and iOS fresh mobile browser. The adepts of the search engine said in Moscow on a special forum Cyber Security Forum 2015.

The iOS and Android will cause the helicopter (video)The iOS and Android will cause the helicopter (video)
[10.02.2015 13:23]
For iOS and Android appeared the application to call the helicopter, similar to Uber, and Yandex.Taxi". Through the app you can book a helicopter with a private pilot, certified by the Federal aviation administration.

New virus steals banking dataNew virus steals banking data
[09.02.2015 15:20]
The Trojan family Win32/Emotet attacked Germany, Eastern Europe and other regions. The virus uses spam newsletter and conspiranoid under the official message.

Apple created the first app on AndroidApple created the first app on Android
[05.02.2015 16:58]
Apple is preparing to release their first app for the Android operating system. It will be online music service, designed to compete with Spotify.

Major update rescued Android gadgetsMajor update rescued Android gadgets
[05.02.2015 11:21]
Google has launched a major innovation for its Android operating system. It's got a serial number 5.1 and tested initially at cost devices, India, and Indonesia.

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