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Apple Watch "live" 4 hoursApple Watch "live" 4 hours
[23.01.2015 13:25]
Smart watch Apple Watch "live" on a single battery charge only 4 hours, which is not enough even for 1 day of use. Media reported that in consequence of a very strong processor, the battery will not be able for a long time to hold a charge.

WhatsApp left iPhone without web chatWhatsApp left iPhone without web chat
[22.01.2015 12:49]
The authors of the popular Internet messenger WhatsApp announced the release of version chat for PC. But they can't use just the iPhone.

Microsoft invented the holographic world (video)Microsoft invented the holographic world (video)
[22.01.2015 09:44]
During the presentation Windows 10 company struck to the same demonstration of the latest holographic glasses. HoloLens Microsoft is transparent glasses, in which the image of the room are superimposed different interfaces and video.

The WhatsApp messenger comes to computersThe WhatsApp messenger comes to computers
[21.01.2015 15:22]
The developers of the famous WhatsApp messenger elaborate version of the service that will work in the browser. To confirm the identity of the user on the screen will show the QR code, the user is obliged to consider with your own phone.

Facebook tries to defeat spamFacebook tries to defeat spam
[21.01.2015 10:50]
The users of the social network made it possible to record doubtful news, to halt the spread of incorrect information. With all of this control will not remove such news, and only take them "note".

Google is going to conduct Internet on MarsGoogle is going to conduct Internet on Mars
[20.01.2015 14:20]
The American company invests in the project SpaceX, which intends to conduct an online throughout the Earth and on Mars. Private space company intends to ensure that the Land is relatively cheap, but fast online with the help of a large number of near-earth satellites.

The Creator of Civilization has announced a strategy of conquest of space (video)The Creator of Civilization has announced a strategy of conquest of space (video)
[20.01.2015 10:47]
Sid Meier, the developer of the famous strategies Civilization, said he was busy with a new project of Sid Meier's Starships. The game belongs to the same genre as Civilization, but the action at this time will unfold in space, according to the information portal Gamespot.

Russian Skype will launch in 2015Russian Skype will launch in 2015
[19.01.2015 12:58]
Domestic mobile operators intend to produce its own equivalent of the legendary messenger Skype. Russian analogue of the legendary instant messengers will allow you to make calls and exchange text news free of charge.

Stop selling points Google GlassStop selling points Google Glass
[16.01.2015 11:48]
Smart glasses Google Glass, which allows you to shoot photos and video, as well as projected on a large screen before the eyes of information from the Internet or a mobile phone, leaving sales at the beginning of January 2015.

Game consoles turned into a laptopGame consoles turned into a laptop
[15.01.2015 14:51]
The engineer decided to end the "war" of consoles, modern design, and combined devices from Sony and Microsoft in one gadget. PlayStation 4 and Xbox ONE combined into a gaming laptop.

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