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ViewSonic enters the smartphone market with a revolutionary newViewSonic enters the smartphone market with a revolutionary new
[04.01.2015 17:06]
ViewSonic has unveiled the first smartphone ViewSonic V55, which allows you to identify the owner on the iris of the eye. In order to unlock a smartphone just to throw him a glance.

SKOLKOVO can build the lunar station for ten yearsSKOLKOVO can build the lunar station for ten years
[03.01.2015 13:58]
Within ten years, the company is able to build a lunar base to six astronauts. This will require funding in the amount of 550 billion rubles, heavy booster Angara-A5 and boarding module.

HTC One sent into the stratosphere (video)HTC One sent into the stratosphere (video)
[30.12.2014 16:22]
On YouTube gaining popularity video in which enthusiast Colin fers sent into the stratosphere several phones HTC One. He turned the experiment into a real show, showing how Earth looks from a height of more than 30 km

China blocked Google mailChina blocked Google mail
[29.12.2014 12:19]
China has blocked mail service Gmail Google. It was another step in the ban on the products and services of the American company. The difficulties of the search engine in the Chinese market started in early June.

The mobile application will save patientsThe mobile application will save patients
[29.12.2014 10:48]
The Deputy head of the Department of information technology Vladimir Makarov has announced a new app that develop the Moscow authorities. It should help patients to make an appointment, to remind you to take pills and suggest that the pharmacies you can buy the required medicines.

Chapter Yota Devices talked about YotaPhone 3Chapter Yota Devices talked about YotaPhone 3
[26.12.2014 10:46]
Head Yota Devices Vladislav Martynov told about the release date of next generation phone YotaPhone. And also about several developments that may appear in the new gadget.

Skype monitors Android usersSkype monitors Android users
[25.12.2014 16:50]
One of the users has revealed the terrible vulnerability of the program Skype, which allows without the knowledge of the interlocutor, to watch him. At risk people using the application on the Android operating system.

In Japan presented a transparent smartphone (photo)In Japan presented a transparent smartphone (photo)
[24.12.2014 11:48]
In the land of the rising sun presented the original phone Fx0 in a transparent casing. Its main peculiarity is called the preinstalled operating system Firefox OS 2.0.

Sony Pictures has threatened court TwitterSony Pictures has threatened court Twitter
[23.12.2014 12:51]
The production company, Sony Pictures has threatened to apply to the Tribunal on the microblogging service Twitter in consequence of publications stolen by burglars correspondence. The main perturbation of the firm caused the artist account Val of Brocksmith.

Apple announced new prices for iPhoneApple announced new prices for iPhone
[22.12.2014 11:58]
Russian Internet company store opened again, showing the new prices on Apple gadgets. In General, mobile phones, Apple has risen by 35% compared with the previous price.

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