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Wikipedia is first summarized the yearWikipedia is first summarized the year
[19.12.2014 14:42]
The most famous encyclopedia the Internet has summed up the results of the year, stating that interested readers. Video results appeared on the official channel encyclopedia on YouTube.

The ruble has become "virtual"The ruble has become "virtual"
[18.12.2014 16:50]
Smartphones are taught to demonstrate important courses SLE, simply putting the camera on the bill. Similar to the mobile application uses a technology called "augmented reality".

In the game "the Witcher 3" gamers will be able to become a womanIn the game "the Witcher 3" gamers will be able to become a woman
[17.12.2014 14:14]
Company CD Projekt called the name of the 2 character, which players will control in role-playing game "the Witcher 3: the wild Hunt". Periodically place the main character, the Witcher Geralt will briefly take his pupil CRIS, reports portal IGN. To switch between characters at will do not permit.

Russia will launch its e-mail and browserRussia will launch its e-mail and browser
[17.12.2014 13:50]
State search engine "Satellite" will get their own mail and browser. At the moment there is extensive formation of teams for these, also several projects. This will help you to save personal data of Russian citizens.

LTE was named the most secure connectionLTE was named the most secure connection
[17.12.2014 10:40]
Network LTE (4G) remains the most protected stereotype relationship, you shouldn't listen to. But for conversations it can be used only in the subsequent year.

Hearthstone was released on Android tabletsHearthstone was released on Android tablets
[17.12.2014 09:59]
On Android, it was discovered the famous card game for tablet PC Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft. In addition to the beautiful graphics and addictive gameplay, it is also completely free.

Facebook was attacked by unknown virusFacebook was attacked by unknown virus
[16.12.2014 14:20]
Users of the social network Facebook was attacked by an unknown virus, which publishes on their behalf harmful hyperlinks. The attack has become global.

Skype has built in voice translation (video)Skype has built in voice translation (video)
[16.12.2014 11:58]
Microsoft announced the release of voice translator called Skype Translator. It allows you to translate the voice of the caller in real time.

Facebook will prevent "drunk" photoFacebook will prevent "drunk" photo
[15.12.2014 14:52]
Social network Facebook is the study of a special system that will help drunk users to avoid shame. It should prevent the publication of "drunk" of the images.

Russia helped Instagram to overtake TwitterRussia helped Instagram to overtake Twitter
[11.12.2014 13:38]
Official blog Instagram told about the new record - overcoming the mark of 300 million users of the service. This has contributed a lot to Russia, which entered the top five States, using this social network.

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