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Twitter announced the surveillance of usersTwitter announced the surveillance of users
[27.11.2014 10:22]
The microblogging service Twitter said that it would begin to track downloadable application users. The function is by default integrated in the options.

Sony is developing a smart watch from paperSony is developing a smart watch from paper
[26.11.2014 14:48]
Sony said that the new model smart watches will be used for electronic paper instead of regular LCD display. This is typically used in electronic books.

Google has created a free antivirus for AppleGoogle has created a free antivirus for Apple
[26.11.2014 11:49]
According to reliable information edition ZDNet, anti Santa Google has developed for its own purposes, in order to simplify the task of managing the security of more than 40 thousand PC Apple standing in the offices of the firm.

Google has taught Android to drive a car (video)Google has taught Android to drive a car (video)
[25.11.2014 12:12]
"Smartphones have become a mandatory part of our lives. However the phone can be the cause of the tragedy, if to distract him while operating a motor vehicle.

Nokia employees gathered on the tablet is $1 million (video)Nokia employees gathered on the tablet is $1 million (video)
[21.11.2014 13:21]
The firm Jolla, consisting of former Nokia employees, has collected cash to create the newest tablet with the help of crowd-funding - donations of potential buyers. On the website fundraising IndieGoGo project has collected the appropriate amount in just 2 hours.

Nokia revealed the secret gadget (video)Nokia revealed the secret gadget (video)
[18.11.2014 14:25]
The company Nokia made up the mystery, publishing your own Twitter only company name on a black background and a black box with unknown gadget. In the end, at the Slush conference, held in Finland, the company introduced its own new gadget.

Update Apple has saved old gadgetsUpdate Apple has saved old gadgets
[18.11.2014 12:46]
Update iOS 8.1.1 is available for iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch. It makes better the system corrects the previously detected mistakes and speeds up performance on older devices such as the iPad 2 and iPhone 4S.

Twitter message will be longer than 140 charactersTwitter message will be longer than 140 characters
[13.11.2014 16:51]
News on Twitter may become longer. This information was told to the correspondent of the New York Times Windows of goal referring to the CEO of the company Twitter dick, Costolo.

The first "alcoholic Facebook"The first "alcoholic Facebook"
[13.11.2014 15:36]
In simple social networks meet photo strong drinks, and interests associated with alcohol theme. But the creators of a fresh social networking Swig goal was to unite all drinkers inhabitants of our planet virtual space.

Game Just Cause 3 will be released next yearGame Just Cause 3 will be released next year
[12.11.2014 12:56]
Avalanche Studio officially announced that it was working on Just Cause 3, a new release from the cycle adventure militants open world. The game is prepared for PC, PS4 and Xbox One, and in the implementation of it will be available next year, as it became known from the announcement of the December issue of the American

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