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Very often the dying character in World of Warcraft made invulnerableVery often the dying character in World of Warcraft made invulnerable
[12.11.2014 12:32]
Blizzard has provided security to your character in World of Warcraft, which over the last 10 years was killed so often that it has become proverbial. With the release of the latest patch for the game hero by the name of Haman, adept race Tauren, got sonorous title and fresh status, which made him invulnerable,

The original PlayStation launched on the clock (video)The original PlayStation launched on the clock (video)
[11.11.2014 15:50]
A YouTube user under the nickname EpicLPer demonstrated the run full game for PlayStation first generation on the clock. The game Croc: Legend of the Gobbos he set on your own gadget from LG).

Presents the first Microsoft smartphone Lumia (video)Presents the first Microsoft smartphone Lumia (video)
[11.11.2014 11:22]
Fully renounced Nokia, Microsoft introduced the 1st phone under its own brand Microsoft Lumia 535. The design of the phone continues the ideology of the Nokia Lumia.

The Office was free for iOS and AndroidThe Office was free for iOS and Android
[07.11.2014 13:49]
The company Microsoft has made a strong claim to leadership. Concern Bill gates suddenly allowed to freely create and edit documents in Office for iPhone, iPad and Android tablets.

Apple Watch will cost $5 thousandApple Watch will cost $5 thousand
[07.11.2014 10:22]
Apple is famous for its own unobtrusive marketing. "Apple" products have not yet appeared in the implementation, but it says the whole world. It happened with Apple Watch, about which more rumors than specifics. Days.Ru attempted to check how much is the smart watch.

Declassified revolution GTA V (video)Declassified revolution GTA V (video)
[05.11.2014 13:58]
For fresh game mode, GTA V has added more than 3 thousand animations and textures for the instrument panels of various vehicles. The trailer shows that the new regime is changing the game world beyond recognition.

Microsoft will stop selling WindowsMicrosoft will stop selling Windows
[05.11.2014 13:21]
Sensational news came from Microsoft. IT-giant intends to remove from the market any version of their Windows operating system.

Samsung has released the thinnest smartphonesSamsung has released the thinnest smartphones
[31.10.2014 14:20]
Alcatel has introduced 2 the latest smartphone in the Galaxy lineup - A3 and A5. According to the technical data, the most exquisite gadgets of all models of the South Korean concern.

Microsoft introduced its smart watch (video)Microsoft introduced its smart watch (video)
[30.10.2014 12:49]
Microsoft eventually came to the market of fitness gadgets, presenting the Microsoft bracelet Band, which is considered watches, heart rate monitor, pedometer, count calories burned and sleep. Application for bracelet available on mobile phones with the operating system Windiws Phone, iOS and Android.

Hackers cracked the protection of Samsung smartphones (video)Hackers cracked the protection of Samsung smartphones (video)
[30.10.2014 09:33]
State UNIVERSITY of standards and technology NIST has published the information that hackers can remotely lock and erase information in Samsung smartphones. This risk owners of the South Korean mobile phone manufacturer.

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