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"VKontakte" will turn into a Instagram"VKontakte" will turn into a Instagram
[28.10.2014 13:21]
The most famous social network of the Russian Federation "Vkontakte" preparing the application for phones that will allow users to take photos and edit them using diverse filters. Podoprigora be partly to remind the social network Instagram.

Google has launched a new e-mail (video)Google has launched a new e-mail (video)
[23.10.2014 12:54]
IT giant Google has unveiled its new brainchild service to work with important e-mail Inbox. Presentation of the new application was posted on the Gmail blog.

Microsoft is preparing a sensational gadgetMicrosoft is preparing a sensational gadget
[20.10.2014 13:58]
The American company Microsoft is going to present a sensational wearable device. This gadget, on the idea of manufacturer, will compete with Apple clock Watch and smart clock on the Android platform Wear from Google.

New iMac struck high resolutionNew iMac struck high resolution
[17.10.2014 09:21]
In addition to the fresh iPad Air 2, iPad mini 3 Apple introduced the new iMac with Retina Display with high screen resolution.

Google introduced a new smartphone and tabletGoogle introduced a new smartphone and tablet
[16.10.2014 10:20]
The American company Google has introduced several fresh releases. Apart is the phone of the modern development Nexus 6, manufactured by Motorola Mobility unit.

Russia will not allow the Apple productsRussia will not allow the Apple products
[13.10.2014 14:24]
In the Russian Federation from January 1, 2015 may prohibit the use of products of the American company Apple. iPhone and iPad are going to get banned in consequence of the program iCloud account, contrary to the law coming into effect in the beginning of the following year.

Declassified ultra slim iPad Air 2 (photo)Declassified ultra slim iPad Air 2 (photo)
[09.10.2014 16:50]
The press has penetrated detailed photo of the newest ultra slim iPad Air 2. Judging by the photo, Apple managed to make it even more delicate. Also, gone mute key and the volume keys are smaller in volume.

Apple has patented "flexible iPhone"Apple has patented "flexible iPhone"
[08.10.2014 13:21]
The American company Apple acquired the rights to use a patent for a flexible iPhone. This patent describes the features of the smartphone, which you can steer using curl, also elastic monitors, used as a marketing medium.

Yarmolnik becomes the hero of the popular gameYarmolnik becomes the hero of the popular game
[02.10.2014 15:45]
Famous Russian theatre and cinema actor Leonid Yarmolnik will voice a character in the Russian version of the world famous games Assassin's Creed Unity. For most artists, it has a huge number of similar with the main hero of the computer Saga.

Apple releases a gold iPadApple releases a gold iPad
[01.10.2014 14:40]
The Apple company is preparing for the first time to produce a full-size tablet iPad case gold color. It is expected that the demonstration of the latest gadgets will be held on October 21.

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