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    • Capital: Cairo - 6849 thousand people (1994).
      Area: The biggest of the Arabian countries - 1001450 sq. km.
      Population: More than 65 million people.
      Admin. division: 26 muhafasas.
      Language: The official language is Arabian. English, German, French are also spoken.
      Currency: Egyptian pound: 10 EGP = 2.57169 USD. 1 pound = 100 piasters.
      Time: Moscow time -2 hours.
      Large cities: Alexandria - 3295 thousand (1991), Ale-Giza - 2096 thousand (1991),Shubra-el-Heima - 812 thousand (1991), Port Said - 449 thousand (1991).
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    • Geographical position: The state is situated in the North-East of Africa and the South-West of Asia. On the East it borders by Israel, on the South by Sudan, on the West by Libya. On the North it is washed by the Mediterranean Sea, on the East - by the Red Sea. The Suez Canal and the Red Sea divide Egypt into two parts. The big one is in the North-East of Africa. The other - Sinaitic peninsula - is in Asia. Already more than 50 centuries Egyptians live in the valley and delta of Nile, that in the antiquity was for them not simply the river, but deeply esteemed deity. The Nile is the longest river in the world.
    • State system: The head of the Arabian Republic Egypt and the Supreme Commander in chief of its armed forces is the President, "rais". 448 deputies of the Parliament elected on five-year term (10 more are appointed by the President), should represent in equal shares peasants and workers. The ruling party is National-Democratic under the presidency of Hosni Mubarak. Consultative functions execute 210 members of Shura (the upper Chamber of Parliament) from which 57 are appointed by the head of the state.
    • Climate: The climate is tropical, mainly deserted, in the coast of the Mediterranean Sea - subtropical. It is hot in summer. In May - September the air temperature in Cairo is approximately +35-40 degrees of heat, in December - February - +20-25?C in the afternoon. In the South of the country it is hotter, in the coast of the Mediterranean Sea it is a little bit colder. In winter at night it is cool. On the whole the night temperature is ten degrees lower, than in the afternoon. The hottest time is July - October. Fans of extreme sensations can recommend Egypt in July or August. Especially Luxor, where in the King valley it may be hot up to a fever. From October the air temperature in the country becomes quite comfortable.
    • Miscellaneous: Egypt is the most ancient civilization, that has preserved signs of its time; history estimated at millenniums, sphinxes, pyramids and pharaon tombs. Mysterious and powerful Nile is Egypt. The variety of the underwater world and exotics of the Red sea, tender Mediterranean Sea are Egypt too. Egypt is the traditional country; information and technical innovations slowly penetrate into its life, so that you shouldn't think that everything would be as irreproachable as in the Western Europe. Nevertheless Egyptians are extremely affable and friendly people; a traveler from other country is always desired guest for them.
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