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  1. Какой у тебя характер?
  2. IQ
  3. Психологический возраст
  4. Любит - не любит
  5. Кого назначит вам судьба?
  6. Ждет ли вас успех?
  7. Какому типу мужчин вы нравитесь?
  8. Посмотрите на себя со стороны
  9. Какая работа для вас предпочтительнее?
  10. Есть ли у тебя шестое чувство?
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    • Capital: Budapest (2 million people).
      Area: 93030 sq. km.
      Population: 1471000 people.
      Admin. division: 19 Magyar and 1 city equal to Magyar.
      Language: Hungarian (state), English, German, Russian.
      Currency: The Hungarian Forint: 1000 HUF = 3.53732 USD.
      Time: Moscow time -2 hours.
      Large cities: Debrecen - 217 thousand people (1993), Miskolc - 191 thousand people (1993), Segled - 178 thousand people (1993), Pecs- 172 thousand people(1993).
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    • Geographical position: The state is in the Central Europe. In the north it borders by Slovakia, in north-east - by Ukraine, in the east - by Romania, in the south - by Serbia, Croatia and Slovenia, in the west - by Austria.
    • State system: The form of governing is Parliamentary Republic. The head of the state is the President. The head of the government is the Prime Minister. The Parliament is one-chamber National Assembly; it is elected by the population for the period of four years (the following elections will be in 2002). The National Assembly elects the president for the period of four years (elections will be in 2004). The Prime Minister and the Government.
    • Climate: The climate is temperately continental, dry.
    • Miscellaneous: Hungary is situated in the centre of Europe. The nature has generously presented this country with wonderful lakes and thermal sources (in Hungary there are more than 500 medical sources, including Budapest). Hungary can be named as the real balneological resort. The lake Balaton is, on the one hand, a well-known medical resort and at the same time a good place for rest.
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