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    There are some main streams of using the domains:
  • Domains are used to determine the unique name in Internet. When the companies open their sites, they usually choose the domain according to their name. For instance, Microsoft has domain "". If you want to open your own business in Internet, you need the domain. Even if you have a small company, acquiring your own domain, put you in one row such as Microsoft or Apple. Having the domain name, you will raise your rating. If you already have your site such as //, you can use the domain name to get the site small and unforgettable address: // It increases the attendance in a great deal.

  • You can sell, rent or change the domain names. Nowadays the whole industry appears round trading the domain names. There are many middle-men who offer their services in reselling and changing domains. The thing is that many companies are ready to pay much money to buy domain. Particularly, the domain meaning the activity but isn't connecting with the company name is in worth. For example,, or Buying domain at the companies- registrars you can pay 25$ less, and if the name you need was already bought, the payment can be formed only by agreement. At the end of 1999 the story about selling the name for 7.5 million $ spread all over the world. Many names were sold for more than 1 million $. But there are more domain sellers than the customers, that's why the domain name must be unforgettable and unique to be sold. But the domain market is constantly developing and the number of customers is increasing. So the greatest transactions are in the future. Most people post domains, presenting the firm names. Then they sell the domain names to those firms. Such people are called cyberquoters. These firms can prefer not to buy, but to judge the domain, so you need to display caution. In that case cyberquoters have to pay fines in large denominations. In fact it is not simple to judge domain. Only prominent companies, whose trade marks are well-known, can do it, the others lose a case. One golden rule says: if you post domain - the trade mark of the firm, never get into touch with it and don't offer to buy it. It is better to wait while they find you themselves. The best way is not to register such domains.

  • Domains may be used for the constant unique e-mail address. If you already have e-mail in some servers, you can give it your own name This is concerned to web-sites as well. You can replace the name of your site by acquired domain.

  • Domains increase the rating of your site in searching systems. From two same sites the site with the second-level domain is in favour.

    If you just want to register your domain, choose the firm, who offers the most acceptable price. As far as all domains are identical and haven't got the advantages, domain registration can't cost more than 50$ a year.

    The price is determined by time and complicacy during the process of registration. If company offers you value-added services, the price may be more than 50$.

    Buying domains is realized at 2 points:
    1. Check, if the name is free..
    2. Registration. You can fill in the registration form or send the application. You can pay by cheque or credit card. After money transfer the domain goes to your disposal.
    Existent common domains
      com - commercial
      edu - educational
      gov - goverment.
      mil - military.
      net - network
      org - organization

  • Sometimes they consider that 3-symbol common domains are used only by United States organizations, and 2-symbol domains are used by organizations of other counries. But it is not so. In common domains there are not only american organizations, and many enterprises in the United States are in the country domain name .us. The only common United States domains are .gov и .mil.
    Prospective domains (in statement stage)
      FIRM - businesses, firms
      SHOP - businesses offering goods to purchase
      WEB - activities related to the WWW
      ARTS - cultural/entertainment activities
      REC - recreation/entertainment activities
      NOM - individual/personal nomenclature

  • 15.11.2000 Council of ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) Directors, an international organization, managing name's and numbers of Internet domains' appellation, voted for number of domains expansion and putting in seven new domains. Number of domain name's expansion has the purpose of liquidation shortage of Internet addresses in general (especially the domain com. is overloaded) and deficit of short and simple names for web-sites.

    From the 47 domain names Сouncil of Directors chose the following:
      biz (for companies)
      info (main function)
      name (for personal web-sites)
      pro (for professionals in some spheres)
      aero (for aviation industry)
      coop (for business societies)
      museum (for museums)

  • They suppose that operation with new domains will start in the middle of 2001. ICAAN is planning to continue debates about further number of upper-level domains expansion. But the date isn't fixed.
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