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23.10.2015, 12:56
Assassin's Creed: Syndicate went on sale

Assassin Action adventure Assassin's Creed: Syndicate entered the implementation of the 23 October in versions for PS4 and Xbox One. The news appeared on the official website of the game.

Syndicate is devoted to the history 2 the rebellious Jacob, and his sisters Evie fry. The action takes place in London in the mid-nineteenth century. The heroes prepare a popular uprising to overthrow the coming to power of the Templars - their own ideological opponents of the old order.

The Templars believe that the world need order and leaders to obey. And Jacob and Evie defend the right of people on the planet for free Agency. In the story missions under the player is the fighter, which is needed for the story, and when doing secondary missions between the characters are allowed to switch at will.

According to reliable information aggregator, rating Assassin's Creed: Syndicate in the trade press was 78 points out of 100. The greater number of reviewers liked how the developers recreated Victorian London.

Put 1 of the most high marks (9 out 10) newspaper of Gamespot felt that though the gameplay much like previous editions, the new components added by the authors, show their readiness to disown already become irrelevant distinguishing features of the cycle. Criticism Gamespot liked and reworked character development system, and a new gadget in their Arsenal, conjures up memories hook Batman action of Batman: Arkham.

A similar opinion was expressed by portal Eurogamer, deliberately renounced the ratings and marking a particularly high quality game icon "is recommended by the editorial Board."

1 of the lowest estimates (5 of 10) put the portal Videogamer. The reviewer noted the beauty of virtual London, but the gameplay is described as a "hopeless old fashioned" and obsolete, criticizing and stealth elements, and duels.

Prior to the release of Assassin's Creed - Unity - has provoked a wave of criticism against the developers due to multiple technical shortcomings. The creators have often said that took into account the lesson and Syndicate these mistakes will not repeat.

The PC version of Assassin's Creed: Syndicate will release on 19 November 2015. The delay is explained by the desire to further debug a fresh release, to ensure stable operation in 1st day of sales.

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[08.05.2018 13:41]
Developing countries, where the population has enough money to self-education, widely use webinars. This method is used as a separate form of income on the Internet. However, this method of conferencing is still not well understood by users and requires an understanding of,

Soon, the sim card may replace a passport.Soon, the sim card may replace a passport.
[15.11.2017 10:09]
In the State Duma proposed to replace the passport with a special sim card that will act as a personal identifier.

Than iPhone good for modern girls.Than iPhone good for modern girls.
[08.11.2017 12:23]
The new iPhone 10 is quite different from its predecessors and many women did not know whether to buy a new phone or keep the old one.

The Russian ban on anonymizers to bypass the lock ILVThe Russian ban on anonymizers to bypass the lock ILV
[01.11.2017 09:13]
From today enters into force a legislative ban on the use of anonymizers as a bypass of lock of sites of Roskomnadzor.

Another retailer luring customers with smartphones tradinaAnother retailer luring customers with smartphones tradina
[31.10.2017 10:46]
M-video has launched a repurchase program of popular smartphone brands Apple and Samsung.

Insurers suggest to insure from attacks of hackersInsurers suggest to insure from attacks of hackers
[27.10.2017 11:21]
A working group with the participation of Sberbank has made a proposal to oblige to insure the risk of hacking computer networks and, in General, the risk of cyber threats.

Tenth iPhone will release in 2 times less from the planTenth iPhone will release in 2 times less from the plan
[25.10.2017 10:41]
iPhone X, or as it is necessary to say, For Ten (Ten), will be released in smaller quantities due to problems with the screen.

"Bad Bunny" attacked Russian banks"Bad Bunny" attacked Russian banks
[25.10.2017 09:50]
Virus BadRabbit produced a large-scale attack on major banks of our country.

The Ministry of communications of Russia promises the abolition of international roamingThe Ministry of communications of Russia promises the abolition of international roaming
[18.10.2017 12:59]
Head Vп?пҐп?пЎп?я?п?я?пЇп? said at the "government hour" in the state Duma that his office actively works towards the abolition of international roaming for the Russians.

Telegram in Moscow awarded a penalty almost on one million roublesTelegram in Moscow awarded a penalty almost on one million roubles
[17.10.2017 10:10]
For refusing to cooperate with the FSB, the magistrate fined the company the developer of Telegram for 800 thousand rubles.

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